Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update your PubMed Shortcuts and Bookmarks

We have a new link that takes advantage of Ministry/Affinity Libraries and Badgerlink full-text journal offerings.

If you use the NEW link above to search PubMed, you’ll see additional options for full-text.  This new link makes it much easier to get to full articles WITHOUT whipping out your credit card.

Click on the icons at the right (circled in red).

As long as you are using a Ministry / Affinity computer, you should be able to click through to the full articles, if available.   

Many (not all) of the Publisher links will work at an Affinity / Ministry computer, because we  subscribe to the journals.  However, we do not have access to every single article in the PubMed database.  If you do find a citation for which you are unable to get the full article, contact one of your Librarians.  We have additional options and can usually acquire a copy on your behalf.

Questions? Contact your Librarians via Outlook or phone :
Michele Matucheski (3-0340)
Deb Knippel (6-5091)