Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Check Out a Book at the Mercy Library / How to Return a Book

There's no one in the Library Workroom at the Mercy Library.  How do I check out a book?

The Mercy Library is set up for self-service when the Librarian is away.  

1) Locate the checkout card in the book you want to check out.  Usually in the back inside cover.

2) On the checkout card, print your
  • First and last name
  • Department  
    • Public people and patients, please include your home address.
  • Phone number
3) Drop the card in the black after-hours checkout box at the workroom service window (across from the copier).  

4) Note the due date.  Books are usually checked out for 3 weeks.

How do I return my book to the Mercy Library ?

We offer many options to return books :
  • Return books to the Mercy Library Workroom.  Leave it on the counter via the window across from the copier.  
  • Use the Book Drops outside each entrance.
  • Send it back via inter-department mail to the Library at Mercy Hospital
  • Send it back via Snail Mail to 
      • Ascension Mercy Hospital 
      • Library
      • 500 S. Oakwood Rd.
      • Oshkosh WI 54904

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