Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pagers at Mercy Hospital

Need a new pager at Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh?
Need to swap out a broken pager?

In the Mercy Library computer lab, there is a cabinet, clearly marked with orange signs.
Inside the cabinet you'll find :

  • a box of NEW pagers
  • new clips / holders for pagers
  • a binder with instructions and a log sheet
Users should do the following :
  • Fill out the form on the front of the binder.
  • They want to know why the pager is being returned (Ex : broken, lost, employee left, etc.)
  • Include a contact phone number
  • Attach the completed form to the broken/returned pager.
Old pagers being swapped should go in the box labeled "Returned Pagers" with the completed form.
A little fairy (that would be the Librarian) will send returned pagers back to Switchboard in Appleton.  

If it's a New Pager for a New Employee, fill out the Payroll Authorization Form (inside the binder).

Be sure to take an Instruction Sheet for Activating Pagers (in the binder).

Questions on Pager Activation / De-activation should go to : 920-628-9600.

Other questions about Pagers should go to Jessica Kubisiak at 8-9622 in Appleton.

We do not offer "loaner" pagers when someone forgets theirs at home.
     If you check out a new pager, the old one needs to be de-activated and turned in. 

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