Monday, April 21, 2014

Update Your MyNCBI Libraries to Take Advantage of "Free" Full-text Articles


My NCBI allows you to search PubMed and many of the other National Library of Medicine databases by filtering results to your personal preferences, and saving search results, among other things.   The Library LinkOut filters allow you to tap into Ministry Library and Badgerlink full-text holdings—for FREE!

If you use My NCBI, consider updating your Library LinkOut options to take advantage of Badgerlink and Ministry Library Services’ full-text offerings.

Here’s how :

Go to PubMed :

Sign into My NCBI as you normally would.
            >My NCBI
            >NCBI Site Preferences
>Filters & Icons
            >Select LinkOut
                        > Select Libraries
Search for : Affinity / Ministry Health Care Library icon
                       and  WI Dept of Public Instruction (Badgerlink)

For screen shots leading you through the steps above, click here.

For more information about My NCBI and what it has to offer, click here.  

Many (not all) of the Publisher links will work at an Affinity / Ministry computer, because we’ve  subscribed to the journals.  However, we do not have access to every single article in the PubMed database.  If you do find a citation for which you are unable to get the full article, contact one of your Librarians.  We have additional options and can usually acquire a copy on your behalf, at no cost to you.

Questions? Contact your Librarians via Outlook or phone :
Michele Matucheski (3-0340)
Deb Knippel (6-5091)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing The Nursing Standards LibGuide

The Nursing Standards LibGuide pulls together some of the most-often used resources for developing and updating Nursing Standards, Policies and Procedures.  

As Your Librarian, I have been working with the various Standards Teams for more than 15 years.    I developed this tool to make it easier to find up-to-date and evidence-based info needed for Standards.   Consider it a Road Map to key resources for Nursing Standards. 

Tabs include :
•    Access to your Ministry Librarians
•    Nursing Procedures ebooks / books (Lippincott, etc)
•    Drug Info
•    Bright Ideas (Why recreate the wheel? IHI, Advisory Board, etc.)
•    Literature Review (Medline, CINAHL, and other journal indexes)
•    Getting to Full-text
•    Citing Sources
•    Policies (Affinity, Ministry)
•    Regulatory & Government (CMS, WI Board of Nursing, etc.)
•    SoCC Project Request Contacts

Link to Nursing Standards LibGuide

How to Get There :
The Source >  Links & Resources > Search for “Library” in either column > Library without Walls > LibGuides /Research Guides > Nursing Standards

Screenshots for How to Save The Nursing Standards LibGuide to Your Source Favorites

Questions, comments, or suggestions?
Contact Your Librarian : Michele Matucheski via Outlook or 920-223-0340