Monday, November 28, 2016

PubMed Health and Clinical Effectiveness

PubMed Health can be a wonderful utility for Physicians and Clinicians in terms of finding evidence-based practice and comparative effectiveness for interventions at the point-of-care.  [Please note : PubMed Health is different from PubMed Medline.]

Clinical effectiveness research show us “what works” in medicine and health care.    For example, does a given intervention relieve symptoms, or shorten recovery time, or extend life?

Some other terms for this type of research are patient-relevant outcomes, or health technology assessments, or evidence synthesis, or comparative effectiveness reviews. 
The whole purpose of PubMed Health is:
1)      to help people find systematic reviews on treatment interventions, and
2)      to understand what they find.  

The PubMed Health Collection consists of :
  •       40,000 systematic reviews since 2003 (including Cochrane Reviews)
  •       Over 6,000 consumer versions
  •     1,000 EBP Clinical Guides [articles] for consumers and clinicians
  •     2,000 PubMed Health Glossary entries

To that end, PubMed Health is geared more towards  “public” (rather than professional) searchers; for example,  it works more with keywords and brand names for drugs than MESH. 

You’ll find a link to PubMed Health on the Physician & Provider Tool Box.  Check the right side, in the box “If you only have 5 minutes.”

Webinar: Finding Systematic Reviews at PubMed Health and PubMed
recording of the Webinar is available. [About 21 min.] Join Hilda Bastian for a brief instructional Webinar on finding systematic reviews using PubMed Health and PubMed. This is a free Webinar from the NLM Training Office.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Introducing the Ascension Wisconsin Librarians

Ascension Wisconsin Librarians
L-R : Mary Pat Gage, Kellee Selden, Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely, Michele Matucheski

Ascension Wisconsin Library Services
Statewide Phone Number

As of August 2016, four professionals are part of the statewide Ascension-Wisconsin Library Services team, with two of the Librarians in the Milwaukee area, the third is in Racine and the fourth in Oshkosh.  Together, we are here to serve the entire state to meet your knowledge and information needs. 

While you have patients, family members and others to serve, YOU are our patrons.  Please contact us for assistance with:
  • Library research/Expert Searching
  • Training to use Library Resources (including specific databases, orientations etc.)
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Retrieving Articles

Librarians - One Ascension Wisconsin:

Mary Pat Gage, BSN, RN, MLIS 

Mary Pat has a BSN from Marquette University College of Nursing and an MLIS from UW-Milwaukee. She has been at the St. Joseph Hospital Medical library and formerly, the WFH-North Market, since 2003 and is a member of the Nursing Research Committee since 2007. Mary Pat promotes expert patient care by offering expert information.

Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely, MA, MLIS

Elissa holds a master’s degree in Anthropology from Western Michigan University.  Her love of research led to a position as library assistant at All Saints in 2003.  She completed her MLIS at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in 2008 and subsequently became the site librarian.  Elissa enjoys the challenge of literature searches and providing health information tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP

Michele earned her Masters of Library and Information Studies degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has been working in health science libraries for the last 20 years.  She started working for Affinity Health System in 1999 at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh.   In 2012, she broadened her scope to cover Ministry Health Care, and now in 2016, she is a member of the Ascension-Wisconsin Library Services Team.   She worked with The STAR Team at Ministry to develop a very popular and useful Patient Experience Tool Kit.  She enjoys collaborating to make sure people have the knowledge and information they need to make well-informed decisions in health care. 


Kellee Selden, MLIS, MSMI

Kellee earned her masters of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with an emphasis in Special Libraries. Following graduation, Kellee spent more than 20 years working in various Law Libraries. She then returned to school and earned her second master’s degree in Medical Informatics from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Kellee joined Columbia St. Mary’s as a Medical Librarian in the fall of 2013. In her new position, Kellee will oversee the Library team and Learning Management Services-Clinical Education team.

Our physical Library locations with Librarians on site include: 
     All Saints Hospital –         Racine, WI
     St. Joseph Hospital –       Milwaukee, WI
     Columbia St. Mary’s –     Milwaukee, WI
     Mercy Medical Center – Oshkosh, WI

All four Libraries provide:
  •  Computers away from the busy patient care areas
  •  Collaborative spaces
  •  Quiet areas
  •  Printers

The Librarians can be reached at their individual emails or the new statewide phone number: (414) 585-5085. The Library Team services extend beyond the physical libraries to ALL Ascension associates across the state of Wisconsin through the use of telephonic and electronic resources. 

Please continue to use the legacy Library intranet sites until we build a new unified Ascension Wisconsin Library Website.

          Columbia-St. Mary's Library Intranet

          Ministry Health Care's Library Without Walls (includes Affinity)

          Wheaton-Franciscan Library Intranet

Monday, November 7, 2016

Library Services ... Still Here and Systemwide

Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP
Librarian – Ascension Health Wisconsin
Ministry Health Care / Affinity Health System
Office at Mercy Medical Center
500 S. Oakwood Rd.
Oshkosh, WI 54904
t: 920-223-0340

One Mission. One Integrated Ministry. One Ascension.

I’m Still Here …

After the Ascension-Wisconsin reorganization this summer, and my wonderful vacation in Scotland,  I want to assure all of you that I am still here providing the Library Services you know and love, and that support YOU in making well-informed health care decisions.

As of August  2016,  I am now part of the statewide Ascension-Wisconsin Library Services team, working with 3 Medical Librarians in the Milwaukee area.  Together, we serve the entire state to meet your knowledge and information needs.    We are currently starting the slow process of bringing together Library Services for Affinity/Ministry, Wheaton and Columbia-St. Mary’s under Ascension Wisconsin.   More details to come ...   In the meantime, I serve as the main Library contact for Affinity and Ministry. 

Contact me if you need help with :
  • Library Research / Expert Searching
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Training to use the Library Resources (including Orientations, or specific databases
  • Getting Articles
  • New Issue Alerts for your favorite professional eJournals
  • Or if you have an idea for building a specialty specific LibGuide

Online Access :
ALL Medical Staff and Associates of Ascension - Ministry / Affinity Health Care have access to the Library Without Walls Intranet Website, offering a wealth of information and fulltext access to top-medical and nursing databases (Clinical KeyNursing Reference Center,  Cinahl-FTPubMedNatural Medicines)  and eJournals. 

Our LibGuides are organized by topic and specialty to help you find the info you need.
          >  Check out the clinical references on The Physician & Provider Tool Box 
          >  or the Search Tips page.

Your Librarian,
Michele Matucheski

FREE Books on Leadership Development at 2501 Main in Stevens Point

WHAT : FREE Books on Leadership Development

WHERE : Deb Knippel’s old office at 2501 in Stevens Point, across from the Health Science Library

WHEN : Nov 7 – 18, 2016
The room will be open for staff to take what they like for this 2-week period.
After Nov 18, the remainders will be donated to a local book sale.

WHY : We are decommissioning the Leadership Development Collection at 2501.  For various reasons, this collection has not been used much in recent years.  Additionally, it’s difficult to manage a Library properly without staff there to take care of it.

Please Note : This does NOT include the Nursing and/or Life Support books still left in the Library across from Deb’s old office  at 2501.  That collection will remain as is, and is NOT being decommissioned at this time. 

Let me know if you have any questions on this.
Thanks for your time and attention.

Your Librarian,
Michele Matucheski

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Journal of Christian Nursing, October/December 2016 Aromatherapy for Postoperative Nausea in Acute Care-Evidence and Future Opportunities
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What Nurses Do During Time Scarcity—and Why
JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, September 2016

The protective role of self-efficacy against workplace incivility and burnout in nursing: A time-lagged study
Health Care Management Review, Publish ahead of print

* List and links courtesy of Anne Chaney at Wolters-Kluwer/Ovid.