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From the Mercy Archives : Dr CW Oviatt's Remedy & Prescription Book

Dr. C.W. Oviattt was a prominent physician in Oshkosh, Wisconsin .   The Oviatt home still stands on Algoma Blvd on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Campus.

Recently, Dr Dick Clark shared Dr Oviatt's personal Remedy & Perscription book.  This notebook was started at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia on January, 1874.  It contains the remedy "recipes" for various ailments of the time.  Written in Dr Oviatt's own handwriting, this notebook is a treasure of Oshkosh Medical History.  

View the Picassa Photo Album of 78 pages from Dr Oviatt's Remedy & Prescription Book.

This is not the complete digitization of Dr Oviatt's notebook, but it does give a good idea of what it contains.   This book contains NO personal/private health information for any of Dr Oviatt's patients.    You will find Dr Oviatt's notes for treating such common ailments as :

     Chronic Constipation (pages 4-5)
     Epilepsy (6-8)
     Gonorrhoea (9-13)
     Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder

More about Dr Oviatt [From the Mercy Hallmarks of History display at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh, WI] :
Dr. Charles William Oviatt was considered the best surgeon and medical doctor in the city. When he became a member of St. Mary’s Hospital (forerunner of Mercy) in 1894, he brought great prestige to the institution and attracted other physicians as well. He was a personal friend of the Mayo brothers – Charles and William – who were as famous in Rochester and beyond the state of Minnesota, as Dr. Oviatt was in Oshkosh and beyond the state of Wisconsin.

Early in his career, Dr. Oviatt became known as the "miracle doctor", mainly because he could successfully remove cataracts. This was a very delicate operation, which he performed under difficult conditions with old-fashioned instruments.

Later, Dr. Oviatt performed the first appendectomy in Wisconsin. His patient was an eight year old Fond du Lac girl, and people were shocked to find that he would "use the knife" on one so young. Furthermore, they didn’t think it was advisable to be operating in a hospital, instead of the girl’s home. But the operation proved successful, and people began to change their way of thinking.

Dr. Oviatt went on to play an important role in developing St. Mary’s Hospital. He himself paid for the equipment in the new operating rooms, aiming for "the last word in modern surgeries and laboratories". It was there that Dr. Oviatt performed the first goiter removal in the state.

Dr. Oviatt’s renowned success as a surgeon, as well as his profound kindness, attracted patients from near and far. People from out of town were brought to the hospital on stretchers in freight cars. Once, after Dr. Oviatt had diagnosed another doctor’s patient, the lady said to him, "Doctor, I leave it entirely to you; do what you think is right and best". The patient’s doctor, astonished at hearing this, said to Dr. Oviatt, "Say, Dr.,Oviatt, why is it that people have such great confidence in you the minute they meet you? This patient never saw you before, and she is at once ready to put her life completely in your hands". Dr. Oviatt answered, "Well, don’t you know yet? That is because I am bald-headed."

Despite the humility, Dr. Oviatt possessed a great sense of knowledge and wrote many papers describing his medical advances. As a result, he earned numerous honors, including election as one of the fifty members of the Society of Clinical Surgery.. This was an organization for the younger medical men of prominence in the United States. To qualify for membership, a doctor must "have discovered some new method of performing some kind of an operation". Many of Dr. Oviatt’s writings were termed "standard authority" at the time of his death.


These and other items are on temporary loan at The Clark Family Health Science Library at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Many thanks to Dr Dick Clark for sharing some of his family treasures with us.  

From the Mercy Archives : Letter from BF Clark about his first Surgery in 1892

Dr Burton Clark Sr. as a young man.
Envelope of the BF Clark's Letter

Dr Dick Clark recently shared a letter from his personal family archives, written by his great grandfather, Dr. Burton F. Clark, Sr.  The letter was written to his future wife, Nellie Martin on June 26, 1892.  At the time, Burton was an intern with Dr. C.W. Oviatt at his hospital, Maple Lodge Sanitarium on Jackson Dr. in north Oshkosh, WI.  At the time, Burton was 23 years old and a student at Rush Medical School.   Burton wrote :

“Last Tuesday I operated on a dog, performed a laparotomy and would you believe it the dog is alive and from all appearances is going to get well.  That is my first attempt at cutting or sewing live tissue.  When I began, I thought sure that the dog would die before the operation was finished.  The Dr. [Oviatt] laughs a good deal about it.  The morning after the operation, I got up and looked out of the window and there walking down the road was my dog.  It had gotten out in some way and started for home.”

Dr. C.W. Oviattt, the prominent Oshkosh Physician that BF Clark worked with early in his medical career.     The Oviatt home still exists on Algoma Blvd on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Campus.


These and other items are on temporary loan at The Clark Family Health Science Library at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Many thanks to Dr Dick Clark for sharing some of his family treasures with us.  

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NLM's Recipe Finder

Looking for some new recipes to work into your summer menu? Search by ingredient, recipe title or category (main dishes, desserts, etc.) to find healthy recipes submitted by nutrition and health professionals!

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I know some of you were saddened and disappointed to discover that Natural Standard no longer offers it's trove of healthy recipes.  I thought this might be a good alternative. -- MM

Changes with The Health Science Library at Howard Young Medical Center

Posted on behalf of Deb Knippel

Health Science Library Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is happening with the LRC Space?
  • Due to reduction in workforce and declining use, the library print materials have been removed from the Howard Young Medical Center Health Science Library space. Associates will continue to have 24/7 access to library resources through the Library Without Walls (LWW) here.  Please contact the librarians for assistance using the LWW if needed.  We are able to meet with you individually or in small groups to help you access the materials that you need. 

  1. Will the computers still be available in the library?
  • Yes, Associates may continue to use the library space for computer use, work, and study. 

  1. Where are the BLS Books located?
  • BLS books will continue to be available in the library space.  These are on the counter by the copy machine and may be checked out at any time.  Please return your book to the counter when you have finished using it. 
  • BLS books are mailed to associates  who are taking the course for the first time.  NRP, PALS, & ACLS books are mailed to associates when they sign up for the course.  All mailed books should be returned to SJH Life Support Program through interoffice mail. 

  1. Where are the Howard Young Medical Center historical archives?
  • The historical scrapbooks, DVD’s, and books related to Howard Young Medical Center are now stored in the Marketing Department.  You may contact Matt Thompson if you wish to access any of these materials. 

  1. Do we still have access to the Librarians? 

  • Yes, the Ministry Health Care Librarians are available to assist you with your information needs.  We are only a phone call or an email away!  
  • Library Services include:

    • Literature Searches
    • Journal article and other resource procurement
    • Electronic Table of Contents – To help you keep current with favorite journals
    • Electronic access to journals
    • E-books
    ·         Consumer health literature searches for patients.
  • Please contact Deb Knippel if you have any questions regarding these changes.  Thank you  


Deb Knippel, M.S.
Library & Information Consultant
Ministry Education and Development
900 Illinois Ave
Stevens Point WI  54481
715-346-5091  or   65091
Fax:  715-343-3246


 Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP
Library & Information Consultant
Mercy Medical Center - Affinity Health System
500 S. Oakwood Rd. 
Oshkosh WI  54904
Fax 920-223-0343

Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Resource Now Available for our Nurses!

­­­­­­­­­­­Ministry Health Care now subscribes to Nursing Reference Center™, which is an evidenced-based clinical resource, providing the latest and best available evidence from CINAHL®, MEDLINE, and the National Guideline Clearinghouse.

The Nursing Reference Center database includes:  

  • Quick Lessons
  • Evidence-Based Care Sheets
  • Drug Information
  • Skills/Procedures
  • Skill Competency Checklists
  • Continuing Education Modules
  • Patient Education Handouts
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Point-of-Care Reference Books
  • and Full-Text Journal Articles

To access Nursing Reference Center from any Ministry Location,
follow this path on the Intranet :

The Source > Links & Resources > Library > Nursing Reference Center

Nursing Reference Center - Navigation / Getting There Screenshots
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To learn more about Nursing Reference Center, go to the NRC Home Page and
click “Take Our Tour” (see red arrow) for a short video introduction..

Watch for live site visits and demos coming to a hospital near you in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact Your Librarians ­­­­­­: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  Deb Knippel or Michele Matucheski