Friday, December 22, 2017

Introducing the Nursing Point-of-Care LibGuide for Ministry Health Care

Just a quick reminder that Nursing Reference Center will be going away as of December  31, 2017, for Ministry Health Care. 

What to use instead :  The Nursing Point-of-Care Tool

How to get there on the MHC Intranet :
            Save this link for future use. 

With the expiration of Nursing Reference Center on December 31, 2017, there will be some lag  time before an Ascension Wisconsin state-wide subscription for a NEW Nursing point-of-care (POC) tool goes into effect later in 2018. 

The Nursing Point-of-Care  LibGuide pulls together some of the online resources that were 
formerly available through NRC, including :
                Nursing Procedure Manuals
                Diseases & Disorders
                Drug Info
                Lab Tests
                Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
                Patient Education
                And links to go deeper with the Nursing Specialties LibGuide and Clinical Key.

I know this solution is not ideal, and is meant to be a temporary fix.

Questions or comments, contact
Your Librarian,

Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP - via Outlook or 920-223-0340

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nurse's Choice Recommended Reading - December 2017

December, 2017

Influenza vaccination policies, masking protocols
Nursing Management, November 2017

Providing self-management education to patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Addressing basic nutrition and hypoglycemia
The Nurse Practitioner, November 16, 2017

Choice of Fluids for Resuscitation of the Critically Ill: What Nurses Need to Know
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, October/December 2017

Pressure Injuries Caused by Medical Devices and Other Objects: A Clinical Update
ANJ, American Journal of Nursing, December 2017

The Next Frontier for Nurses: Improving Quality and Safety in Primary Care
Journal of Nursing Care Quality, January/March 2018

Soft Factors, Smooth Transport? The role of safety climate and team processes in reducing adverse events during intrahospital transport in intensive care
Health Care Management Review, Publish ahead of print

Management of Moisture-Associated Skin Damage: A Scoping Review
Advances in Skin & Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing, November 2017

How can policy change guide nursing practice to reduce in-patient falls?
Nursing, December 2017

Evaluation of a Broad-Spectrum Partially Automated Adverse Event Surveillance System: A Potential Tool for Patient Safety Improvement in Hospitals With Limited Resources
Journal of Patient Safety, Publish ahead of print

Does Certification in Vascular Access Matter? An Analysis of the PICC1 Survey
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, December 2017

* List and links courtesy of Anne Chaney at Wolters-Kluwer/Ovid.

* Questions about access, contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians : 

Michele Matucheski        Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely      Kellee Selden

Monday, December 4, 2017


By Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely

Your Librarians have a new mission statement!  We wanted something concise to sum up the services we provide to you – our library users.

Speaking of using the library, have you ever thought “outside the box” in terms of how your librarians might assist you in your work duties?  You know you can come to the library for Librarian assistance, but have you ever considered embedding your Librarian on your team?  Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians possess skills that extend beyond the library environment.  We’re critical thinkers who know how to effectively evaluate research.  We can determine best practice and have the ability to analyze and summarize research findings.

Do you sit on a:
Practice council?
Falls prevention team?
Patient safety committee?
Patient & family experience team?

Consider asking your Librarian to join your team.  We can bring new perspectives to the work you do and provide the latest research evidence you need to move forward on your projects.  Discover the wealth of information your Librarian can contribute to your council or committee!  

In addition to specializing in research, your Librarians are also masters of organizing knowledge and making it available to others.  Check out the Opioid Guideline Toolkit and the Patient & Family Engagement Tool Kits on the Ascension Wisconsin LibGuides site.  Make your knowledge accessible to others via LibGuides!  Consult with your Librarian for planning and assistance.

Even if you don’t have a Librarian at your site, we can connect with you via Skype for Business.  Go ahead; embed your Librarian today!

Comments, questions, requests or suggestions, please contact your favorite Ascension Wisconsin Librarian :

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nursing Reference Center (NRC) Contract Will Expire Dec 31, 2017 : NEW Nursing Point of Care Tool to be Chosen for Ascension Wisconsin

 Ascension Ministry Health Care’s current subscription for
 Nursing Reference Center (NRC)  will expire on December 31, 2017.

Why are we dropping the subscription to NRC?  
  • Since 2014, Nursing Reference Center (NRC) has been a very popular and well-used point-of-care tool for our nurses.  At present, NRC is only available for legacy Ministry and Affinity regions.  The Milwaukee and Racine areas do not currently have access to this or any similar reference package.
  •  It is cost-prohibitive to add the Metro (Milwaukee) and South hospital sites under the current Ascension Resource Group pricing model. 
  • Nursing leaders at Ascension Wisconsin and national Ascension are in the process of evaluating the nursing point-of-care tools currently available on the market.  These include NRC, Lippincott and Clinical Key for Nursing (Elsevier).
  •  We hope to choose a NEW nursing point-of-care tool that will be available statewide throughout Ascension Wisconsin, thereby helping to standardize nursing care resources and contributing to high reliability nursing care.

What you need to do in preparation :
  • Use NRC while we have access!  Get the most out of it while it is still available.
  • See the NRC Search Tips page for more information, including remote access and tutorials.
  • Be aware that links to NRC documents and competencies will NOT be available after December 31, 2017.  This change may impact policies and other internal documents.
  •  CEUs
    • If you have CEUs logged in Cinahl Education (CEUs through NRC), be sure to log in and print out your records and documentation, as we may not have access to this information after the Ministry Health Care Subscription to NRC expires. 

What to use instead :

The Nursing Point of Care LibGuide

While legacy Ministry / Affinity may be losing access to NRC in the short-term, we have full intentions of providing a nursing point-of-care tool for ALL of Ascension Wisconsin in the very near future.  Please be patient as we make this transition.

For questions or comments, please contact :

Jill Berg, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN, Vice President of Clinical Education for Ascension Wisconsin
Michele Matucheski,  MLS, AHIP – Ascension Wisconsin Librarian

Kellee Selden, MLIS – Manager of Learning and Knowledge Management for Ascension Wisconsin  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Check Out a Book at the Mercy Library / How to Return a Book

There's no one in the Library Workroom at the Mercy Library.  How do I check out a book?

The Mercy Library is set up for self-service when the Librarian is away.  

1) Locate the checkout card in the book you want to check out.  Usually in the back inside cover.

2) On the checkout card, print your
  • First and last name
  • Department  
    • Public people and patients, please include your home address.
  • Phone number
3) Drop the card in the black after-hours checkout box at the workroom service window (across from the copier).  

4) Note the due date.  Books are usually checked out for 3 weeks.

How do I return my book to the Mercy Library ?

We offer many options to return books :
  • Return books to the Mercy Library Workroom.  Leave it on the counter via the window across from the copier.  
  • Use the Book Drops outside each entrance.
  • Send it back via inter-department mail to the Library at Mercy Hospital
  • Send it back via Snail Mail to 
      • Ascension Mercy Hospital 
      • Library
      • 500 S. Oakwood Rd.
      • Oshkosh WI 54904

The Copier / MFD at The Mercy Library

What does MFD Stand for?
     MFD = Multi-function device

What else does the MFD/Copier do?
     Copies, prints, scans, and faxes. 

  • Scans must be sent to an Ascension / Affinity / Ministry email address. 
    • Sorry, Yahoo or gmail won't work.
    • Use the address book included in the touch screen.  

  • Faxes should include 9 + 1 + Area Code + Phone number
    • Wait for a confirmation to be sure your fax went through without error

  • Printing - All the computers in the Mercy Library computer lab should already be set up to print to the MMMOBLIBL10

The MFD/Copier is out of paper.  Where is there paper to re-fill it?
The MFD (aka multi-function device) should have enough paper to last more than 2 weeks.

  • 3 full reams of paper in the trays
  • plus 1 ream on the table next to it.
  • Additional paper is in the Library workroom, but you'll have to wait for staff to return to access additional paper stores.  

Help, we need more toner!
If the toner needs to be replaced while the Librarian is out, contact Carol Rymer at Mercy Administration (920-223-0505).  They use the same type of toner, and theirs will fit the Library machine.  I'll replace Admin's toner when I get back. 

Looking for a COLOR Printer at the Mercy Library?
Sorry -- We have NOT had a color printer in the Mercy Library since 2012. 

The machine does have the capability to SCAN In color, but no ability to print in color.

Pagers at Mercy Hospital

Need a new pager at Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh?
Need to swap out a broken pager?

In the Mercy Library computer lab, there is a cabinet, clearly marked with orange signs.
Inside the cabinet you'll find :

  • a box of NEW pagers
  • new clips / holders for pagers
  • a binder with instructions and a log sheet
Users should do the following :
  • Fill out the form on the front of the binder.
  • They want to know why the pager is being returned (Ex : broken, lost, employee left, etc.)
  • Include a contact phone number
  • Attach the completed form to the broken/returned pager.
Old pagers being swapped should go in the box labeled "Returned Pagers" with the completed form.
A little fairy (that would be the Librarian) will send returned pagers back to Switchboard in Appleton.  

If it's a New Pager for a New Employee, fill out the Payroll Authorization Form (inside the binder).

Be sure to take an Instruction Sheet for Activating Pagers (in the binder).

Questions on Pager Activation / De-activation should go to : 920-628-9600.

Other questions about Pagers should go to Jessica Kubisiak at 8-9622 in Appleton.

We do not offer "loaner" pagers when someone forgets theirs at home.
     If you check out a new pager, the old one needs to be de-activated and turned in. 

BLS / ACLS / NRP Books at the Mercy Library

BLS = Basic Life Support
ACLS  = Advanced Cardiac Life Support
NRP = Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation

Who can check these manuals out?
At the Mercy Library in Oshkosh, I have a handful of these training manuals for Mercy people only.  Basically for local and walk-in traffic.  

If you are based at an Affinity or Ministry Health Care site other than Mercy Hospital, please contact Mary Herman via email or 920-831-8395 for BLS and ACLS Books.  She has an excellent network of Clinical Nurse Educators / Professional Development Specialists and other contacts around the system and can deliver copies to those who request them.

Where are the BLS / ACLS  books located at the Mercy Library?

  • A few BLS / ACLS Books are on the New Book Shelf across from the MFD in the center aisle of the Library.  
    • This table is right in front of the Library Workroom window, and across from the door to the computer lab.    
    • There is a blue sign that sticks up from the books that says BLS.

  • On the Professional Side of the LIbrary, there is an endcap bookshelf with a blue sign that says BLS / ACLS / NRP.  There are a few more copies there.

Where can I get an NRP Book?
  • Also known as The Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation.
  • I only have 1 copy of the current NRP book as reference, so it's not available for checkout.
  • ALL the local hospital Birthplace / OB Departments have a stock of their own NRP books, and anyone asking should check with their respective hospital OB Departments. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Access to Ovid Society Published Journals

Ascension Wisconsin Library Services Adds Ovid Society Published Journals Collection to Full-Text eJournals
by Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely

At the beginning of November, 2017, the Ascension Wisconsin Library Services added the Ovid Society Published Journals to its eJournal collection.  That means that regardless of your location in Ascension Wisconsin, you’ll have access to roughly 29 new eJournals through OvidSP.  Your Librarians have added several of the new eJournal titles to our eTOC service:

Clin eTOCs
Med eTOCs
     ·         AACN Advanced Critical Care
·         American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine
     ·         AACN Bold Voices
·         Annals of Internal Medicine
     ·         American Journal of Critical Care
·         British Journal of Psychiatry
     ·         American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
·         Canadian Journal of Surgery
     ·         American Journal of Occupational Therapy
·         Chest
     ·         Audiology Today
·         Clinical Medicine
     ·         British Journal of Psychiatry
·         CMAJ Canadian Medical Association Journal
     ·         Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
·         JAMA Psychiatry
     ·         Critical Care Nurse
·         Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (American Volume)
     ·         JAMA Psychiatry
·         Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
     ·         Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
·         Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
     ·         Nursing Education Perspectives
·         The Bone & Joint Journal
     ·         Oncology Nursing Forum

     ·         Rehabilitation Nursing Journal

To sign up for our eTOC service, please visit 

Comments, questions, requests or suggestions, please contact your favorite Ascension Wisconsin Librarian :

Friday, November 10, 2017

Requests for Nursing School Transcripts

Requests for graduation verification or transcripts for 

         The St. Joseph’s School of Nursing in Marshfield, WI, 

          or The Mercy School of Nursing in Oshkosh, WI

please contact the following :

Email inquiries to :   

Snail-Mail Requests  to :

Human Resources
Ascension | Ministry Health Care
900 Illinois Ave.
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Please include copies of the signed release forms for student records.
[Sorry, I don't have copies of this form, or know where you'd get it.]

Monday, November 6, 2017

Nurses Choice Recommended Reading - November 2017

November, 2017

Myasthenia gravis and myasthenic crisis
Nursing Critical Care, September 2017

Brush up your professional nursing résumé
Nursing, October 2017

Nurses' Knowledge and Teaching of Possible Postpartum Complications
MCN, The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, November/December 2017

Job Burnout Reduces Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Nursing Staff
Journal of Patient Safety, Publish ahead of print

Workarounds Are Routinely Used by Nurses—But Are They Ethical?
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, October 2017

Renal calculi revealed
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, November/December 2017

Clinical Effectiveness and Cost of a Hospital-Based Fall Prevention Intervention: The Importance of Time Nurses Spend on the Front Line of Implementation
Journal of Nursing Administration. November 2017

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Rolling Refresher: Maintaining Chest Compression Proficiency Through the Use of Simulation-Based Education
Advances in Neonatal Care, October 2017

Critical incidents in the ED
Nursing Management, September 2017

Delays in Treatment-Seeking Decisions Among Women With Myocardial Infarction
Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, September/October 2017

* List and links courtesy of Anne Chaney at Wolters-Kluwer/Ovid.

* Questions about access, contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians : 

Michele Matucheski        Mary Pat Gage         Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely      Kellee Selden

Monday, October 16, 2017

Clarification on The Librarian's Role in Helping with Student Research Assignments

By Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP and
Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely, MLIS, MA

Question : What is the Ascension Wisconsin Librarian’s role in helping with student research assignments?

Health Science Librarians are experts in :
·         Formulating answerable clinical questions
·         Knowing which literature databases to search
·         Constructing successful search strategies, and
·         Limiting search results to relevant literature topics. 

We’re here to assist nurses, physicians, and other health care providers with access to evidence-based  practice as it relates to patient care.  We know your time is short, and searching is what we do best. 

The Librarians will also take the time to teach nursing and health care students HOW to do their own library research; however, it is beyond our scope to actually complete research assignments for students.  Since it is part of your education to learn the research process, it would not be ethical, or honest for the Librarians to complete research assignments for school projects.  In short, we canno do your work for you, if it's for a school assignment.

Whether you are an RN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, or DNP student,  the Librarians can help you LEARN the research process.  That said, we are happy to teach you how to find the information for yourself.  We’ll actively play a role in your education so that you learn the skills you need to be an effective and continuous learner in your work life.

Here’s what you can expect from your Ascension Wisconsin Librarian when you bring us a student research assignment.  We will :
  •  Set up a research consultation appointment in person or via Skype
  • Lead you through the research process
  • Help you refine your search strategy
  • Introduce you to appropriate databases (PubMed or CINAHL), or other resources,
  • Teach you how to use the databases effectively and efficiently with subject headings, appropriate search terms, filters & limits to arrive at a focuses set of search results,
  •  Demonstrate how to access full-text articles
  •  Show you how to request articles from your Librarian when not available in fulltext.

 Your Health Science Librarians have a great deal to offer students.  We enjoy teaching you how to do your own library research.  This is our job.  This is what we love.  

Most people who take the time to meet with a Librarian appreciate the personalized care and special attention.  Even better : They are amazed and delighted at what the Librarians can pull up on their particular topics, not to mention the search tips and tricks we can offer!

Research takes time, so plan ahead.  Make an appointment with your Librarian, and learn how to maximize your research efforts.  Even if you’re at a site without a library/librarian, we can Skype and share desktops to help you remotely. 

* For an appointment, contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians : 

Michele Matucheski        Mary Pat Gage         Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely      Kellee Selden

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy National PT Month - Featuring The Rehab (PT/OT/Speech) LibGuide

Happy PT Month!

Just wanted to remind our RehabTeams about the :

Rehabilitation (PT/OT/Speech) LibGuide  

It is filled with tools to help your teams make evidence-based and well-informed health care decisions, tailored to Rehabilitation.  Lots of fulltext options there for eBooks and eJournals. 
Don’t forget the eTOC Service.

Keep up with your professional reading with Emailed Tables-of-Contents
The Clin. eTOC list has available Rehab/PT titles on it.

Your Librarian,

Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP

Medical Librarian - Library Services

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nurses Choice Recommended Reading - October 2017

October, 2017

The Relationship Between Professional Quality of Life and Caring Ability in Critical Care Nurses
Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, September/October 2017

Bolstering your armamentarium with SGLT2 inhibitors
The Nurse Practitioner, October 2017

Ripple effect: Shared governance and nurse engagement
Nursing Management, October 2017

Addressing Occupational Fatigue in Nurses: Current State of Fatigue Risk Management in Hospitals, Part 2
Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2017

Caregiving and Caregivers: An Important Part of the Healthcare Team
Home Healthcare Now, September 2017

CMS MDS 3.0 Section M Skin Conditions in Long-term Care: Pressure Ulcers, Skin Tears, and Moisture-Associated Skin Damage Data Update
Advances in Skin & Wound Care, September 2017

Process and Outcome of Fecal Microbiota Transplants in Patients With Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection: A Prospective Study
Gastroenterology Nursing, September/October 2017

Palliative Sedation: When Suffering Is Intractable at End of Life
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing, October 2017

Assessing Patients During Septic Shock Resuscitation
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, October 2017

Quality of Electronic Nursing Records: The Impact of Educational Interventions During a Hospital Accreditation Process
CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, Publish ahead of print

* List and links courtesy of Anne Chaney at Wolters-Kluwer/Ovid.

* Questions about access, contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians : 

Michele Matucheski        Mary Pat Gage         Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely      Kellee Selden

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New PubMed Interactive Tutorials Available

New PubMed Interactive Tutorials Available. NLM Tech Bull. 2017 Sep-Oct;(418):b2.

Eleven new or revised interactive tutorials on using PubMed are now available from the PubMed Online Training page. These tutorials were conceived and developed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) PubMed Working Group and produced by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Health Communication and Technical Training Group.

The tutorials are available to use on the Web and also freely available in SCORM format for download and incorporation into learning management systems.

The tutorials are:

Please send your comments and suggestions to the NLM Training Team using our Customer Support portal.

Content reprinted from The NLM Technical Bulletin who encourages us to spread the word about their programs and resources.  Original post appeared here on 1 Sept 2017.