Friday, December 18, 2015

Lexicomp to Replace Clinical Pharmacology

Effective Dec. 30, 2015, we will be transitioning to Lexicomp, a new Clinical Pharmacology vendor for drug reference look-up. This tool is most often used by Pharmacy associates, Clinicians and Nursing. A link to Lexicomp has already been added to the Source and offers:
  • Full access to their drug reference tool, patient education, calculators and toxicology information
  • Orientation/training videos and quick reference guide
  • A link to install a mobile app
If you use this tool, take some time to review the Lexicomp link before the Dec. 30 cut-over date when the former Clinical Pharmacology and Micromedex links will be removed. Lexicomp will only be available on the Source and no longer linked from local intranet sites.
Lexicomp was chosen as the Ascension national standard after a thorough selection process by The Resource Group Pharmacy Team and Ascension Information Systems. Lexicomp was selected based on its ease of use, accessibility, cost, and concise information. It also supports our goals of offering high-quality care, better patient and provider experiences, and lower overall cost of care.
Download introductory presentation here.
Ministry Library Services has put together a Lexicomp Search Tips page to help Ministry Staff and Providers transition from Clinical Pharmacology to Lexicomp.  

Expanded access to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and JAMA Internal Medicine.

MHC Associates now have expanded access to JAMA Network content including slide sets, supplemental content, Continuing Medical Education, quizzes and polls, etc. 

When searching in PubMed and JAMA articles appear in the search, you will now be able to click on the icon link at the end of the abstract which will take you directly to the full text article. The icons look like this: 

You may sign up for the Electronic Table of Contents distribution list and have each new issue of these journals delivered, electronically, to your email.  Send Deb Knippel an email if you would like to be added to either distribution list. 

Check these journals out today by clicking on the links below: 

This upgrade will provide more efficient and thorough access to the excellent content that is offered by JAMA.  If you need access to other JAMA Network journal articles, please contact Library Services.   We can’t exactly afford to purchase more of the JAMA Network Journals, but we should be able to get articles here and there.

For additional assistance please contact your Health Science Librarians Deb Knippel  (715-346-5091 or 65091) or Michele Matucheski (920-223-0340).  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recommended Reading : Ten Thousand Horses : How Leaders Harness Raw Potential for Extraordinary Results by John Stah-Wert / Ken Jenlnings

By Guest Blogger : Karen Schaefer, Lean Education Director for Ministry Health Care

Ten Thousand Horses is a fictional story of a struggling manager who goes to his old mentor who runs a ranch that promotes adoption of wild mustang horses and troubled youths (Think : Rawhide Ranch only horses instead of cars).

He learns the application of the model T x 3C=E
Trust x Challenge/Charge/Cheer=Engagement.

I would recommend this book as an enjoyable read – especially for new/existing middle managers.

Available at the MMC Library : Call Number HD 57.7 S715 2007 Management Collection
Contact Librarian, Michele Matucheski,  if you’d like to borrow this book.  

Karen Schaefer, RN, MSN

Lean Education Director

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Librarians Make a Difference

Here are just SOME of the research projects that Your Librarians have worked on in the past year.
Research demonstrates that Librarian-led information services improve clinical decision making and patient care outcomes. Library Services and quality health information can:
  • ·         Reduce hospital costs and length of stay
  • ·         Improve diagnosis, patient care outcomes and clinical decision making
  • ·         Further their institution's mission and goals through expert searches, teaching health professional literature searching skills, providing community outreach programs, supporting innovation and research, and disseminating the best medical and business practice information. 
  • ·         Contribute to Magnet Accreditation by teaching nurses and nursing students literature searching skills
  • ·         Help avoid adverse events
  • ·         Save health professionals' time


Questions, Comments, or Requests? Please contact your Librarians:   
           Michele Matucheski  920-223-0340 or Deb Knippel  715-346-5091
Also available via Outlook.

The Christmas Village at Mercy Medical Center


The Christmas Village is once again on display in the MMC Library, across from the Hallmarks of History.  Special thanks to Volunteer Helen Mathe, who sets it up for us every year.   

The Christmas Village was given to Mercy by an anonymous donor back in the year 2000.  The note accompanying the gift read :

If looking at this village makes you happy or brings you peace, then pass along those feelings to others whom you meet this holiday season.  Please give a hug from me to everyone young and old who is spending time with you this holiday season.  Let them know they are being remembered.

Nativity Set : A Special Mercy Tradition

The antique German nativity set is also once again on display outside the MMC Library in a display case across from the Sisters panel of the Hallmarks of History.  

In years past, this nativity set was displayed in the MMC cafeteria.  It is now part of the Mercy Archives.  The hand-painted nativity set was rediscovered at the back of a little-used closet of the old hospital in 1980, and is now proudly displayed behind the glass protection of a display case. 

The Nativity set was quite old and in sad condition when it was first found.  However the loving hands of volunteer Dolly Pahlow, set to work attaching broken pieces and even recreating an angel’s wing.  She spent months patching and painting the 20 figures in their original colors with the encouragement of former food service director, Bob Brennan. 

Read the following newspaper articles for more info about this local treasure.