Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Top 10 Medical eJournals

Circulation (Ovid)
JAMA  Journal of the American Medical Association
NEJM  New England Journal of Medicine

These full-text journals are currently available through Ministry Library Services.  
  •  eTOCs / New issue alerts are a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in Medicine.
  • If you want to receive emailed updates (eTOCs) for each new issue, with links to the full-text articles (as long as you’re using an Affinity/Ministry computer or remote access), just ask!
  • Don’t see your favorite professional journal on the list?  Consult our A-Z Journals List for our complete journal holdings.
  • You don’t have to be a Physician or a Provider to sign up for new issue alerts.  The service is open to ANY interested Ministry Associate.
  • Sneak-a-peak at what you’ll get for any of the titles above, then
  • Contact your Ministry Librarians via Outlook to register for email alerts for any of these eJournals:   Michele Matucheski 

  • Or fill out the eTOC signup forms to see what else is available.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mental Health LibGuide

Ministry Librarians, Michele Matucheski and Deb Knippel, have been working with Ministry Standards of Care Council, Chris Maghrak, subject matter experts, Clinical Nurse Educators, and Patient Care Leaders to develop a Mental Health LibGuide, filled with tools, links and resources to help the bedside nurse understand and care for patients with these issues.  

The first topic published is Suicide Prevention to coincide with the new system-wide policy.  Other topics to come include : Delirum, Dementia, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, and Anxiety.    

Lexicomp Mobile App for Drug Info

As a benefit of working for Ministry Health Care, Providers, Nurses, and all our Associates may download the Lexicomp Mobile App for comprehensive drug info on-the-go.

You will need to login to Lexicomp from a work computer or other network connected device.  Here's how : 
> Select the Lexicomp link from the Ministry Health Care Intranet  
(or use the links above)
> Click the Mobile App Access button in the right hand column. 
> Follow the instructions on screen to get an access code …
Once installed, the Lexicomp Mobile app :
·         Has an unlimited number of users for Ascension acute care hospital associates
·         Does not require Internet access
·         Can be used whenever and wherever needed

Lexicomp® Online and Lexicomp® Mobile Apps are made available by Wolters-Kluwer through an institutional subscription paid by Ministry Health Care and Ascension.

Want to know what other Mobile Apps we offer through Library Services?

Questions or comments, contact Your Ministry Librarians :
Michele Matucheski      920-223-0340                                     

Deb Knippel     715-346-5091