Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ministry's Nursing Reference Center FAQ : Your Questions Answered

We’ve created a FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQ) document  to answer some of the most common questions about Nursing Reference Center (NRC) at Ministry Health Care. 

Find answers to the following :
  • What is NRC?
  • Where do I find NRC?
  •  How can NRC help me?
  • Can I use the CEs to maintain my specialty certification?
  •  Can I access NRC from my personal devices at home?
  • Does the Skill & Procedures Tab replace Ministry’s current Policies & Procedures?
  • Does the Drug Information Tab replace Clinical Pharmacology?
  •  Does the Patient Education Tab replace LogiCare/ExitCare?
  •  If I have questions about NRC, who do I ask?

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