Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Affinity Library Intranet Page to be retired April 30, 2015 : Use the Ministry Library without Walls Instead

The old Affinity Library Intranet Page will be retired April 30, 2015. 

Why the change?
  • EM3, the content management system that Affinity has used for years is no longer being supported by its creators, and has been increasingly “unstable.”
  • Since the merger with Ministry Health Care in 2012, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure we offer the SAME library resources  throughout  Ministry and Affinity.   Over the last few years, we’ve slowly been making changes “under the hood” to codify and unify Library offerings.  You may already be using some of our new LibGuide pages.
  • This fits into the idea of One Ministry with one Library Services Department to serve the whole system of Ministry Health Care (including Affinity). 
  •  Rest assured : You’ll still be able to access your favorite Library resources (Nursing Reference Center, Clinical Key, Access Medicine, Nursing Standards LibGuide, your favorite eJournals, and more …).
  • Additionally, your Librarians will still be available to support the work you do by providing articles, and full-text access, research, and training—as usual.
  • The physical library at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh remains  The Resource Library for ALL of Ministry Health Care, with Michele Matucheski as your Librarian.    Only the intranet website is changing. 

What to use instead?
·          Use the Ministry Library without Walls as the Library Intranet  Home Page.

How to get there?
·         The Source > Links and Resources > Search for Library > Click on “Library without Walls”

Handy Tip :  Why not add the Library without Walls to your favorite links in The Source?
Questions or comments?  Please contact your Librarian,  Michele Matucheski.

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