Monday, December 4, 2017


By Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely

Your Librarians have a new mission statement!  We wanted something concise to sum up the services we provide to you – our library users.

Speaking of using the library, have you ever thought “outside the box” in terms of how your librarians might assist you in your work duties?  You know you can come to the library for Librarian assistance, but have you ever considered embedding your Librarian on your team?  Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians possess skills that extend beyond the library environment.  We’re critical thinkers who know how to effectively evaluate research.  We can determine best practice and have the ability to analyze and summarize research findings.

Do you sit on a:
Practice council?
Falls prevention team?
Patient safety committee?
Patient & family experience team?

Consider asking your Librarian to join your team.  We can bring new perspectives to the work you do and provide the latest research evidence you need to move forward on your projects.  Discover the wealth of information your Librarian can contribute to your council or committee!  

In addition to specializing in research, your Librarians are also masters of organizing knowledge and making it available to others.  Check out the Opioid Guideline Toolkit and the Patient & Family Engagement Tool Kits on the Ascension Wisconsin LibGuides site.  Make your knowledge accessible to others via LibGuides!  Consult with your Librarian for planning and assistance.

Even if you don’t have a Librarian at your site, we can connect with you via Skype for Business.  Go ahead; embed your Librarian today!

Comments, questions, requests or suggestions, please contact your favorite Ascension Wisconsin Librarian :

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