Monday, May 7, 2018

Patient Education in Other Languages via Clinical Key

In Clinical Key Patient Education, click on the Available Languages Tab on the left side [See above in red].
  • In this case, there are currently 9,262 patient handouts in Spanish and 495 handouts in Polish via Clinical Key, with other languages also available.
  • Alternatively, if you search for handouts on a particular topic, available languages will be listed below each handout, with English and Spanish being the most widely available.
  • Not every Clinical Key Patient Handout is available in other languages, but the list is growing. 
  • For Nursing, Clinical Key Patient Education can be a handy backup when first-line patient education sources are not sufficient.
Other Helpful Links:
Clinical Key (direct link)
Get the CK Mobile App [Instructions].

Clinical Key Search Tips Page (Ascension Wisconsin Library Services)

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